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Church of the Holy Spirit
Episcopal Church




Welcome to Church of the Holy Spirit!
We are the Episcopal Church in the City of West Haven.
We’ve participated in God’s mission of healing and reconciliation in this part of Connecticut since 1723.

           You are welcome to join us for any of our worship services, outreach opportunities, or faith formation classes. 

 Worship at Church of the Holy Spirit

                                                   Sundays 9:00AM


         January 21st - Epiphany 3 - Eucharist Celebrated by
                                                           Rev. Tom Jackson
         January 28th - Epiphany 4 - Laity Led Morning Prayer





Worship                                                               Mission                                                Community


IN 2023 Church of the Holy Spirit celebrated its 300th Anniversary.  The parish celebrated its beginning in colonial America and its continued growth as the mother church of southern Connecticut.   The birth of St. Martin’s of the Field, a chapel of Christ Church, and the creation of St. John’s by the Sea were celebrated as well as the merger of all three entities to form today’s Church of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout these three centuries, the people of Church of the Holy Spirit have devoutly worshipped in the Episcopal tradition and the parish’s families through all the years have focused how they could best serve God, each other, and the City of West Haven.   Church of the Holy Spirit continues these efforts through ongoing donations of shelf stable food items as well as hygiene products to the West Haven Emergency Assistance Taskforce (including growing fresh produce in the summertime) and the West Haven High School Pantry; serving breakfast once a month to the residents of Columbus House; and supporting a local elementary school teacher in provisioning her classroom.

We have a strong and diverse lay leadership team with a committed Vestry, multiple worship leaders; a choir that brings music to all services; individuals who lead book club and women’s retreat and others who perform multiple tasks in maintaining and improving the facilities.   We strive to support the parish and each other in worshipping as well as serving the community.  We acknowledge that all that we undertake would be enhanced by having a priest-in-charge working as part of the parish.

If you believe that joining your ministry with the Church of the Holy Spirit would be a solid fit, please contact Canon Tim Hodapp at ECCT (thodapp@episcopalct.org) and Senior Warden Kati Guthrie Tilove (kati1267@yahoo.com).  We look forward to hearing from you. The Vestry of the Church of the Holy Spirit.





 Clergy of the Church of the Holy Spirit

                                                         The Right Reverend Jeff W. Mello, Bishop Diocesan                                                                                                                     The Right Reverend Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan                                                             


Church of the Holy Spirit

28 Church Street
West Haven, Connecticut 06516
Parish office:  203.934.3437
email: holyspiritwh@snet.net