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Church of the Holy Spirit
Episcopal Church

About Us

Welcome to Church of the Holy Spirit in downtown West Haven.

We are the brown stone church across from the Town Green. We've been worshiping, praying, serving, and growing in this spot since 1723!

We are a Church who seeks first and foremost to walk in the way of Jesus Christ. That means that we take seriously his command and invitation to "love your neighbor." (Mark 12:31) For us, that means leaning into relationships across difference and experiencing the presence of God in the experience of those who are not like us. Practically, our church is made up of the young and those in their golden years; black, brown, and white; male and female; lesbian, gay, straight, and transgender; single young adults and large families; and individuals who are identify across the political spectrum. What brings us together is our mutual love for the Lord Jesus, establishing in Holy Baptism and expressed in Holy Eucharist and daily prayer, as well as our desire to emulate his life by being in relationship with people most similar and the most different from ourselves.

We are also Episcopalians. On the surface, that means a few things. First, we are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which means that we are in relationship with Anglicans all across the globe, from Zimbabwe to the Americas and every place in between. Second, as Episcopalians, we are part of a Christian tradition that is both Reformed and Catholic. That means that we hold modern experience in dynamic tension with the ancient practice of the Christian faith. We believe this tension is lifegiving and key to a vibrant spiritual life. We don't settle for easy answers and don't use Church doctrine to end a conversation. Instead, we choose to use Church teachings to help us navigate the complex questions and realities of life. Third, as Episcopalians we order our worship and communal life around the Book of Common Prayer. First published in 1549, the Book of Common Prayer provides us not only with a resource to order or corporate worship life, but it also provides us with a spiritual system to help us walk with Jesus Christ in an intentional way through daily common prayer.

As Christians, we view the City of West Haven as our parish and seek to engage our community in multiple ways in order to demonstrate the love of Jesus. We regularly support individuals and families experiencing homelessness and hunger by donating our time, talent, and treasure to organizations like Columbus House and Abraham's Tent or by growing and donating fresh produce from our Parish Garden. We also support West Haven High School, W.H.E.A.T. (West Haven Emergency Assistance Taskforce), and other local groups sharing in God's mission. As a parish of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, we are committed to continue our work of becoming a community that takes racial healing, justice, and reconciliation seriously. Whatever our work is, we take joy in knowing that we share our work with many wonderful partners.

Whether you are a lifelong Episcopalian who has moved to the New Haven area and are looking for a parish, someone who is exploring the Christian faith for the first time or trying to reengage after years away, or someone who doesn't know how they even wound up on this website, please know that you are welcome to come and be among us. If you want to learn more before trying us out, contact our Priest-in-Charge.