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Church of the Holy Spirit
Episcopal Church

This week at Church of the Holy Spirit




“We are in transition – from an active Congregation led by their priest and supported by effective Lay Leaders, to an active Congregation led by effective Lay Leaders and supported by their priest.”

Andy Doyle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Thought for the Week


Open yourself to the gift of the Spirit, whose power will enable you to live your baptismal vows with integrity and truth. Be agents of God’s love in the world, channels of God’s peace, bearers of God’s compassion to all you meet.

Br. David Vryhof – Society of St. John the Evangelist, Cambridge MA

Youth Confirmation Classes Begin TODAY

“This is not your parents’ Church” will be a 10-week conversation on Sundays after the 10am service. Our youth will be exploring who God is for them and how this Presence of Love that is more than ourselves might be made known to the world using art and humor (through the Book of Comic Prayer! – no, that is NOT a typo) Please add McKayla Cusack, Lofi Edjah, Phillip Homberg and Nora Mullins to your most fervent prayers. Confirmation will take place on Sunday March 18.


An Adult Conversation – Who is God, as revealed to you?

Wednesday evenings through Feb 7                    6:00 – 7:15pm

The Episcopal tradition has its roots in both/and thinking and a mission of healing and reconciliation. Do you find your understanding of God to be at odds with what you see in the world?  Finding answers to the question of pain and suffering challenges everyone. Using the New York Times Best Seller, The Shack, as a backdrop – join us as we help each other imagine our very own personal weekend conversations with God. What do you really want to ask God? And how might you open yourself to be surprised by the answers?

Appropriate for adults seeking confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church

Columbus House Breakfast is NEXT Sunday Jan 14

Food donations, meal preparation, and serving the breakfast are all options/invitations open to each and every one of you. Take a moment to look at the sign-up sheets (on table in the front of the Church) and feel yourself becoming an answer to a prayer.


              *      *      *Special Concert to Benefit WHEAT*       *      *

Songs to Warm the Heart          NEXT Sunday Jan 14          3pm

Classically trained vocalist and parishioner, Tom Heilman, partners with our Choirmaster (magic fingers) Matt Harrison at the baby grand piano to bring you songs from Beethoven, Schumann, Hahn, Vaughan Williams and more! Tom, a former WHEAT client, treasures the gift of neighbors helping neighbors. This evening of winter-warming magic is a true ‘pay-it-forward’ moment. Suggested donation (at the door) - $10.


Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration/Eucharist

Monday January 15           Noon          All are welcome!


Parish Annual Meeting Sun Jan 28   11:30am – 1pm

Potluck Brunch and Parish-Wide Conversation about “What’s Next”

Any and all are welcome to join in our Annual Meeting and have a voice in our conversation. Those who are listed as “voting members” have both voice and vote. (Voting only occurs for the election of Vestry, Delegates to Convention, and any formal resolution coming before the parish.)




Qualifications required for voting privileges:    “of the members of the Parish, only those entitled to vote at any Parish meeting shall be:

1)    Adult communicants, age 16 years or older,

2)    Who for the six months prior to that meeting, shall have been faithful attendants at services of the Church and Parish

3)    Unless for good cause provided, faithful contributors to its support and faithful in working, praying and giving for the spread of the kingdom of God”      Per Parish By-Laws (Article II) and Diocesan/National Church Canons


Achebe, Furahi Draper, Bev Marconi, Lenny
Avren, Stephany Dunphy, Lois Mari, Brian
Bacon, Alex Dupee, Susan Mari, Cathy
Bacon, Libby Dymarcik, Patricia Mari, Jacqueline
Bai, Cecilia Eastman, Maude Matts, Marina
Bailey, Keith Edjah, Dorothy McGill, Eugene
Bailey, Oliver Edjah, Maame McKay, Vivienne
Ballard, James Esposito, Joseph Meagher, Donna
Barr, Nancy Esposito, Paula Meagher, Robert
Barr, William Fuggetta, Mary Ann Miller, Bertha
Bartiss, Ann Gentley, Lisa Mullins, Jean
Bartiss, Thomas Gordon, Sherry Mullins, Steven
Bezruczyk, Evelyn Gordon, Thais Murphy, Danielle
Bezruczyk, Gerald Granger, June Nitido, Vincent
Brown, Lisa Marie Granger, Robert Orlando, Richard
Brown, Yvonne Greenfield, Nellie Palermo, Florence
Bruner, Michelle Gregory, Kathryn Podemski, Paul
Buonocore, Joseph Griffin, Caroline Reiss, Norma
Buonocore, Marilyn Guterman, Sarah Rose, Diana
Buckholz, Georgia Guthrie, Kati Rothenhausen, Victoria
Carlson, Sue Guthrie, Sally San Souci, Melissa
Carty, Paul Hernandez, Ali Sellner, Dorothy
Chamberlin, Jane Hernandez, Carlos Sellner, Harold
Charney, Aaron Hill, Carlin Shackford, Charles
Charney, Stephanie Homburg, Mark Shwab, Viola
Cillo, Anthony Jacobs, Brad Smith, Eugene
Cillo, Carole Jacobs, Karin Smith, Maureen
Coleman, Suzanne Jacobs, Martha Sorsor, Roland
Conlan, Berneida Joseph, Jacqueline Stacoff, Amanda
Coppola, Janice Joseph, Jacqueniel Stacoff, Jason
Coppola, Sal Joseph, Lesly Staniewicz, Nancy
Curry, Barbara Komar, Nola Stanislawski, Diane
Daly, Marian Lawson, Ralph Stanislawski, Loren
Danehy, Helen Leitermann, Gene Stanislawski, Mark
Dececchi, James Lewis, Jackie Strait, Joanne
Dececchi, Jenna Liner, Jean Tulchin, Beverly
Dececchi, Kelly Liner, Paul Vinci, John
Dexter, Jane Mahmood, Bonnie Ying, Isolyn
Dexter, Merrit Mahmood, Richard  



Prayers for parishioners

Georgia Buckholz, Stephany Avren, Alex Bacon, Erin Kampa, Lois Dunphy, Nellie Greenfield, Richard Orland, Jacquie Mari, Kati Guthrie, Janice, Oliver Bailey, Jerry Bezruczyk, Jane,        Sean, Barbara Curry

Prayers for family and friends 

(in alphabetic order)

Aldon-Friend of the Parish; Alexandra (Missy) Mitchell-Daughter of Pat Dymarcik; Allen-Friend of Vivienne McKay; Benny-Family of Diana Rose; Bert & Kathy Bacon-Grandparents of Alex & Libby Bacon; Betty & Gordon Giles-Relatives of Marina Matts;  Candy-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Carl-Uncle of Melissa SanSouci; Carrether Gilliam-Mother of Furahi Achebe; Charles McAfee-Father of Jackie Lewis; Christopher-Son of Richard Orland; Danny-Brother of David Welch; Danny-Friend of Rev. Lisa; Dawn-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Diane-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Fred Jenks-Friend of Barbara Curry; Fred McLaughlin-Brother of Sally Guthrie; Gary Doering-Companion of Pat Dymarcik; George-Friend of Barbara Curry; Gina-Friend of Marian Daly; Joe Weber-Husband of Gloria Weber; Kathrine-Friend of Diane Rowley; Marjorie-Friend of Diane Rowley; Mary-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Mary-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Meghan-Niece of Vicki Rothenhausen; Patrick-Friend of Marian Daly; Rich C.-Brother-in-law of Rich Mahmood; Stacy S.-Sister of Vicki Rothenhausen; Susan-wife of Parishioner, Tom Sherman-Friend of the Parish 

Special Prayers for Those that Can’t Worship With Us

Stephany Avren, Grace Boulanger, Georgia Buckholz, Joe Buonocore, Carol Cillo, Bee Conlan, Helen Danehy, Susan Dupee, Nellie Greenfield, Bob & Lillian Maltese, Bertha Miller, Toots Palermo, Cora & Kent Peckham, Dolly Reiss, Joan Sallies, Dottie & Harold Sellner, Viola Shwab, Ethel Smith, Alexander Stamatien Sr., Gloria Weber


Bee Conlon-01/07, Charlesly Joseph-1/8, Caroline Griffin-1/12, Shaina Williams-1/12

Prayers for the Departed, Their Families and Friends

Paul Bourdeau-Friend of Ralph Lawson

Today’s Worship Assistants

Acolyte....................... McKayla Cusack

Readers...................... Bill Bar & Tammy Welch

Intercessor................. Mark Stanislawski

Chalice Bearers:........ Barbara Curry &  Gene Leitermann

Announcements:....... Aaron Charney

Greeters:............... Joann Strait & Jane Chamberlin

Counters:............. Barbara Curry & Gene Leitermann

Altar Guild:......... Ann Bartiss & Jacqueline Joseph



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 How might you GIVE THANKS to God through the ministries of this parish?


Opportunities (and great needs) abound for service through your parish. Please consider one of these options and talk with the person listed:

Adult Formation – Rev. Lisa    life-long learners seeking to go deeper in their relationship with God

Altar Guild – Nancy Staneiwicz    lovers of being behind-the-scene and  setting up our worship space

Choir – Matt Harrison (or any member of the Choir)    the joyful noise-makers

Christmas Fair – Suzanne Coleman, Patty Dymarcyk, Kati Guthrie   creative crafters, detailed organizers, festivity lovers

Communications Committee –  Keith Bailey or Katie Guthrie   technologically-savvy purveyors of information

Finance Committee – Gene Leitermann or Rev. Lisa   checkbook balancers, entrepreneurs, money producing motivators

Interfaith dialogue and relationships – Rev. Lisa   seekers of a broader truth

Hospitality – Bonnie Mahmood, Kati Guthrie, Jacquie Mari    lovers of fellowship and fun

Greeters – Rev Lisa   folks with ready smiles and a willingness to make others feel at home

Outreach – Katie Guthrie, Karin Jacobs    carers of justice and mercy for others

Pastoral Caregivers – Rev. Lisa and Evelyn Bezruczyk   empathizers with those who are homebound and needing connection

Property Committee – Keith Bailey    anyone handy with a screwdriver, paintbrush, broom or pruning sheers

Sunday School – Mark Homburg    those who enjoy a child’s delight                             

Ushers, readers, chalice bearers, acolytes – Rev. Lisa     worshippers seeking a deeper place within worship