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This week at Church of the Holy Spirit




“We are in transition – from an active Congregation led by their priest and supported by effective Lay Leaders, to an active Congregation led by effective Lay Leaders and supported by their priest.” Andy Doyle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Thought for the Season of Lent

What is a Parish in the New Missional Age?

(how do we find hope in “Being The Church” in a time when Church

is no longer a cultural norm?)


(Jesus said): “Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

John 12:24


These few verses in today’s Gospel lesson recount a significant event in the first “Jesus Movement”. Would this new faith remain a seed in the national soil of Israel; or would it break open and sprout, expanding into the rest of the world? This was a critical question for the early church. Should the familiar and comfortable circle be opened to non-Jews, to Greeks and other Gentiles? Should the good news of Jesus Christ be the exclusive property of a few or was it time to take it on the road? This question must be addressed by every generation of Christians. And our time in NOW.  What does it really mean to “be a church”? To be a Christian? To be a Confirmed Episcopalian?? As we transition into this new Missional Age, our path forward requires the grain of what “we want out of church” to fall to the ground. And as we look for new life and new hope, we are invited to consider the fruit of asking “who is our neighbor?” “what is God up to in our neighborhoods?”, and how are we being invited to join in and become more fully the Body of Christ in the world?

How Delighted we are to be Joined by Bishop Ian Today

In addition to formally acknowledging the mature confirmation of faith from our four teens: McKayla, Kofi, Phillip, and Nora, as well as two adults: Ralph and Mary, Bishop Ian joins us to worship with us, be among us, get to know more of who we are, help us envision more of who we are becoming as we transition more fully into the Episcopal Body of Christ in West Haven. We also are joined by our friend, The Rev. Dick Beattie, and some of our brothers and sisters from Christ Church, Ansonia. Please stay for the Coffee Hour Conversation and Fellowship following our worship.

Our Abraham’s Tent Week – ends tomorrow morning

What a blessing to be part of God at work, partnering once again with our friends from Beth El Keser Israel to offer overflow shelter (overnight lodging) for 11 male clients of Columbus House. Thanks to all who responded to that nudge! Please keep our new friends, and all without shelter, in your prayers. They each have stories that are both hard and hopeful. They each have futures with clearer paths forward, thanks to the ongoing work at Columbus House and the people of faith who join in this ministry.


Time to be thinking about Women’s Retreat 2018!

Mark your calendars for October 19-21 – Cost $190

For those of you who just know you are attending no matter what (because the joy of this tradition fills your heart), please register ASAP. And because we need to send in a deposit to secure our weekend date, please make a $50 deposit of your own (or pay in full if you can), so that we can cover our commitment by April 1. And for all of you wonderful women who have been blessed and been a blessing through this weekend gathering, start saving up for the full cost now! The sign-up sheet is on the Cloister Hall Table.


Keep the Date – Spring Fair Sat. May 5th


Your Ongoing Support in Filling the WHEAT Wagon Matters!

Together, we honor the hunger needs of our neighbors.

Food items needed:

hot cereal/jelly/chili/canned or boxed potatoes/baked beans



ECCT Spring Training & Gathering     Saturday April 7    9am-4pm

Lincoln Middle School, Meriden, CT                 (carpooling is available)

We are NOT alone in wondering how to navigate our way as a church in a different environment. Join Episcopalians from across the Episcopal Church in Connecticut for a day of fellowship, learning, prayer and fun. Over 30 workshops in all areas of parish life and personal spiritual growth will be offered. (See Rev. Lisa for a list of topics.) All are welcome - people in the pews to vestry members to parish leaders and staff. Please register early, over 300 people participated last year!

                          Don’t just ‘come to’ church – BE the Church!          

Get Ready for Palm Sunday and Holy Week !

THIS FRIDAY, March 23 – Join us for Pizza and Palms as we gather from 6:30-8pm making small palm crosses in preparation for Sunday.

Easter Flower Memorial envelopes are in your bulletins. If you would like to make a flower donation in memory of a loved one – or thanksgiving for someone! – print names clearly and place the envelope in the offering plate


Holy Week and Easter at Church of the Holy Spirit


NEXT Sunday March 25      Palm Sunday                                     8 and 10am

(10am service begins in the Common Room for Blessing of the Palms)


Wednesday March 28           Tenebrae                                        6:30-7:30pm

(What inner moments was Jesus experiencing in those final days? Those gathered on this evening join in reading a series of scripture passages, as candlelight surrounding the Paschal Candle is slowly extinguished.)


Thursday March 29         Maundy Thursday Eucharist             7-8:30pm

(Celebrate Jesus’ final night with his disciples. What last wishes did he share with them/us? Eucharist with Foot Washing and Stripping of the Altar)


Friday March 30                    Stations of the Cross                            Noon-12:50pm

(After Jesus’ death, pilgrims re-visited his final journey from imprisonment to the Cross, reminding each other of the stories along the way. Walk these 14 Stations with us – in the Church – as we remember his deep love)


Good Friday Liturgy                               7 -7:45pm

(Enter into the dark tomb. Kneel at the foot of the Cross.

Eucharist from the Reserved Sacraments)


Saturday March 31                     Easter Vigil                                                  7-8:15pm

(A “book-end” to Palm Sunday. We begin in the darkness left from Good Friday with a Candlelight Vigil and move into the Light and Joy of our first Easter Celebration with Eucharist)


Sunday April 1     Ecumenical Sunrise Service                                 6:30am

                                    (Bradley Point Beach West Haven)


Easter Services at CHS                        8 and 10am                (Festive Eucharist) 

Prayers for parishioners

Kati Guthrie, Georgia Buckholz, Stephany Avren, Nellie Greenfield, Richard Orland, Jacquie Mari, Janice, Oliver Bailey, Sarah Guterman, Jane, Isolyn Ying, Barbara Curry, Jimmy Ballard, Michael SanSouci

Prayers for family and friends 

(in alphabetic order)

Aldon-Friend of the Parish; Allen-Friend of Vivienne McKay; Alexandra (Missy) Mitchell-Daughter of Pat Dymarcik; Bert & Kathy Bacon-Grandparents of Alex & Libby Bacon; Betty & Gordon Giles-Relatives of Marina Matts; Candy-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Christopher-Son of Richard Orland; Colleen-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Cori McLaughlin-Sister-in-law of Sally Guthrie; Danny-Brother of David Welch; Dawn-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Diane-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Joe Weber-Husband of Gloria Weber; Kathrine-Friend of Diane Rowley; Kirsten & Fred-Friends of Lois Dunphy; Marianne-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Marjorie-Friend of Diane Rowley; Mary-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Mary-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Mitch-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Nora-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Patty-Friend of Ralph Lawson; Robert & Shirley-Parents of Bob Meagher; Ron Waite-Friend of Kati Guthrie; Sharon-Friend of the Mahmoods; Skip Nugent-Brother-in-law of Diana Rose; Stacy, Frank & Franky-Family of Vicki Rothenhausen; Walter Gregory-Husband of Kathryn Gregory

Special Prayers for Those that Can’t Worship With Us

Stephany Avren, Grace Boulanger, Georgia Buckholz, Joe Buonocore, Carol Cillo, Helen Danehy, Susan Dupee, Nellie Greenfield, Bob & Lillian Maltese, Bertha Miller, Toots Palermo,                      Cora & Kent Peckham, Dolly Reiss, Joan Sallies, Dottie & Harold Sellner, Viola Shwab, Ethel Smith, Alexander Stamatien Sr., Gloria Weber



Walter Gregory-3/20, Gary Stacoffe-3/21, Merritt Dexter-3/22, Aaron Charney-3/23


Prayers for the Departed, Their Families and Friends

Mike SanSouci-Father of Michael SanSouci, Herbert Ahrens-Father of Bishop Laura



Today’s Worship Assistants


Acolytes................. McKayla Cusack,

                                      Emma Welch &

                                      Madison Santarcangelo

Readers.................. Bill Barr &

                                 Maame Edjah

Intercessor............. Nancy Staniewicz

Chalice Bearer:..... Gene Leitermann &

     ............................ Barbara Curry

Greeters:............... Jane Chamberlin &

     .......................... Joanne Strait

Counters:............. Nancy Staniewicz &     

                                Ralph Lawson

Altar Guild:......... Thais Gordon &

                                Evelyn Bezruczyk



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Bed Bath & Beyond

The Home Depot

Grocery stores




Sam’s Club



Stop & Shop



Whole Foods




Barnes & Noble





Old Navy

Payless Shoes



Sports Authority



 How might you GIVE THANKS to God through the ministries of this parish?


Opportunities (and great needs) abound for service through your parish. Please consider one of these options and talk with the person listed:

Adult Formation – Rev. Lisa    life-long learners seeking to go deeper in their relationship with God

Altar Guild – Nancy Staneiwicz    lovers of being behind-the-scene and  setting up our worship space

Choir – Matt Harrison (or any member of the Choir)    the joyful noise-makers

Christmas Fair – Suzanne Coleman, Patty Dymarcyk, Kati Guthrie   creative crafters, detailed organizers, festivity lovers

Communications Committee –  Keith Bailey or Katie Guthrie   technologically-savvy purveyors of information

Finance Committee – Gene Leitermann or Rev. Lisa   checkbook balancers, entrepreneurs, money producing motivators

Interfaith dialogue and relationships – Rev. Lisa   seekers of a broader truth

Hospitality – Bonnie Mahmood, Kati Guthrie, Jacquie Mari    lovers of fellowship and fun

Greeters – Rev Lisa   folks with ready smiles and a willingness to make others feel at home

Outreach – Katie Guthrie, Karin Jacobs    carers of justice and mercy for others

Pastoral Caregivers – Rev. Lisa and Evelyn Bezruczyk   empathizers with those who are homebound and needing connection

Property Committee – Keith Bailey    anyone handy with a screwdriver, paintbrush, broom or pruning sheers

Sunday School – Mark Homburg    those who enjoy a child’s delight                             

Ushers, readers, chalice bearers, acolytes – Rev. Lisa     worshippers seeking a deeper place within worship