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This week at Church of the Holy Spirit







Reflecting on that ONE THING that has held you down,

how have you responded to unmet expectations?

Lord God, you call your servants to ventures, of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown; give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us, and your love supporting us; to the glory of your name. Amen

Follow the path that Jesus walked, for the next 7 days

and look for His hand extended to pull you through


Another Round of Feeding at Columbus House

Expressing appreciation for all involved in today’s Columbus House Breakfast is only one way to honor this ministry. The real satisfaction comes in experiencing the grateful faces (that may utter no words at all) when care and compassion are shared. Ask any Serving Team volunteer why they do this – it’s not because “we should”. It’s because we are lifted up when we lift others up. Next breakfast: May 14 (Mother’s Day). These men who find themselves homeless are also someone’s sons. Might you honor your own mother’s love by serving in this ministry?


Large print Prayer Book and hymn music available

Don’t let visual problems keep you from lifting your voice in worship. Ask an usher for some large-print help. (Asking for help is NOT a weakness, rather a blessing to you and those who respond.)


Easter Flower Memorials needed by TODAY

Envelopes are on the tables in the front and back of the church. Please print clearly your name and the name(s) of those you would like remembered as we celebrate the hope of the Resurrection. Free will donations for the flowers are gratefully accepted.

For those who didn’t see the Newspaper Write-Up

Gifts of Ministry extend beyond our walls!

The Fund for Teachers announced fellowships for 210 Connecticut teachers Wednesday, totaling $800,000. Among the recipients is our own Furahi Achebe! Furahi will go to Mexico and Guatemala to understand the confluence between Native American and Spanish cultures as a means of enhancing student cultural sensitivity.

Way to use your God-given gifts, Furahi!


Also in the News:

The national Episcopal News Service picked up the local story of our recent Service of Reception for Charles Kamano. (See the story on our FB page, or Google “Episcopal News Service Charles Kamano”). A full front page story with a great picture of Charles and Bishop Ian (with Nora Mullins, Vivienne McKay, and Keith Bailey!) has resulted in folks everywhere hearing about new life in West Haven. CHS is now a national face deemed a warm and embracing community!


And Kudos to Nora Mullins for Receiving the

West Haven Home Town Heroes Award

Use your gifts for the benefit of others – and God smiles broadly!


What story of hope have you experienced

and might be willing to share?

We are looking for those of you who would be willing to share “a ministry moment’ during worship. Our stories of finding hope, strength, and a changed heart move us from Lent into Easter.


Who is Missing?

It’s no secret that our Sunday attendance has dwindled. Who do you know that is missing? Perhaps someone has felt their needs unheard. Might you reach out and invite them to join us in trying again? Perhaps someone is homebound. Might you offer to visit and/or drive them here for one of our Holy Week services? Your shoulder may be THE shoulder needed.

Crafters Group April 25th 6:30-7:30 pm

Any and all kinds of crafting welcome! Creativity and fellowship are the key goals – and making crafts for the Spring Fair!


Spring Fair is just around the corner (Sat. May 6)

Our fundraisers supplement income from pledges and SCRIP purchases to support our mission and ministry. How might YOU help YOUR parish family maintain a welcoming presence in our community?

ü Join the CHS Crafters Group as they prepare hand-made crafts for our own vendor table

ü Create a gift basket to be raffled. Think gifts for Mother’s Day or Graduation, or even Spring Planting!

ü Take flyers around to your favorite place of business

ü Set aside time on Thursday afternoon, May 4 to re-arrange the Common Room and create a welcoming environment

ü Offer your culinary skills and bring your most favored baked goods to be sold at the Bake Table

ü Offer your hospitality skills to help prepare/serve A Pancake Breakfast Sat morning (new this year!)

ü Offer your presence for just 2 hours (of your choosing) the day of the Fair, to sit at the Plant Table (outside in the sun!)

ü Think outside the box, and set aside one hour in the late afternoon to come by and help clean up

ü Of course, don’t just tell your friends about the Fair – invite them to come join you!


A Different Kind of Craft Vendor at our Fair

Just a heads-up that we have a Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem who will have a table at our Spring Fair filled with Holy Land olive wood handcrafted ornaments. These crafts are made by (Bethlehem) local artisans seeking to support their families and the lives of their Christian community. Rev. Lisa is subsidizing the cost of the table so that all proceeds can return back to the place of Jesus’ birth.



Gathering as a Worshiping Community Holy Week/Easter

Sunday April 9                 Palm Sunday Services                       8 and 10am                        

Jesus enters Jerusalem – who are we among the crowd?

How can we regain our Alleluias if we don’t first face our hurts?


Wednesday April 12               Tenebrae                                                     7pm

This 45-minute service takes us through scripture readings and the gradual extinguishing of candles to open us to the gift Jesus offers when we turn our hearts back to God.


Thursday April 13    Maundy Thursday Eucharist                            7pm

             A Service that helps us re-live Jesus’ final night. Entering into the Foot Washing and Eucharist, the betrayal and finally the Stripping of the Altar –a symbolic re-enactment of Jesus’ body being stripped and prepared for burial.


Friday April 14                Stations of the Cross                                       Noon

This 45-minute walking meditation (in church) takes us through the “14 Stations” – the journey down the Via Delarosa in Jerusalem that Jesus walked from his prison cell to his Cross. Oh, what love he has for us!


Good Friday Liturgy                                            7pm

Hear once more the Passion Narrative (Jesus’ betrayal, trial, and crucifixion). Reflect on all those betrayals and hurts of your own and lay them at the foot of the Cross. Eucharist from the Reserved Sacraments


Saturday April 15                  Easter Vigil                                                    7pm

This is the COMPLETE experience of Easter – beginning in the dark with a candlelight vigil, hearing the stories of God’s love for us, and then LIGHTS UP as we celebrate the first Easter of the season!


Sunday April 16       Ecumenical Sunrise Service                           6:30am

                                                                                       (Bradley Point West Haven)

         Easter Services at CHS                          8 and 10am



Prayers of healing for parishioners

Bev Draper, Jackie Lewis, Keith Bailey, Richard Orland, Joe Buonocore, Jacquie Mari, Bonnie Mahmood, Toots Palermo, Libby Bacon, Jean Mullins, Alex Bacon, Sally Guthrie, Kati Guthrie, Erin Kampa, Dotty Sellner, Donna Meagher, Lenny Marconi, Mikey Carpinelli

Prayers for family and friends 

(in alphabetic order)

Alexandra (Missy) Mitchell-Daughter of Pat Dymarcik; Angela Davis-Friend of Pat Dymarcik; Bert & Kathy Bacon-Grandparents of Alex & Libby Bacon; Betty & Gordon Giles-Relative of Marina Matts; Bill-Friend of the Bezruczyks; Chris Scranton-Former Parishioner of Christ Church; Debbie G.-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Fred Jenks-Friend of Barbara Curry; James-Friend of the Bezruczyks; Louise-Friend of Jacquie Mari; Marianne C.-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Mary T. & Melissa-Friends of Vicki Rothenhausen; Rich C.-Brother-in-law of Rich Mahmood; Richard T.-Friend of Diane Rowley; Ruben-Friend of Lisa Gray;  Stacy S.-Sister of Vicki Rothenhausen


Special Prayers for Those that Can’t Worship With Us

Stephany Avren, Grace Boulanger, Georgia Buckholz, Joe Buonocore, Bee Conlan, Helen Danehy, Susan Dupee, Nellie Greenfield, Florence Jefferson, Nola Komar, Bob & Lillian Maltese, Bertha Miller, Toots Palermo, Cora & Kent Peckham, Dolly Reiss, Joan Sallies, Dottie & Harold Sellner, Viola Shwab, Ethel Smith, Alexander Stamatien Sr., Gloria Weber



Rory Reiss-4/9, Yetunde Asiedu-4/9, Dolly Reiss-4/10, Yvonne Brown-4/11,                                    Jacqueline Mari-4/12, Jonathan Edjah-4/14, Evelyn Bezruczyk-4/15


Jacqueline & John Mari-4/9

Prayers for the Departed, Their Families and Friends

Jennifer Homan-Friend of Jackie Lewis

Prayers for Thanksgiving

Birth of Jackson Wayne Meagher – Second Grandson of Donna & Bob Meagher




 Today’s Worship Assistants


Crucifer...................... Nora Mullins

Reader......................... Phillip Homburg

Intercessor........................ Sally Guthrie

Chalice Bearers:.............. Thais Gordon &

                                      ....................................... Gene Leitermann

Announcements:......... Nancy Staniewicz

Counter:...................... Thais Gordon &

................................ Vivienne McKay

Greeters:................ Diane Stanislawski & Mark Stanislawski

Altar Guild:.......... Evelyn Bezruczyk &

............................... Ann Bartiss

Coffee Hosts........ Carlin Hill &

............................... Jacqueline Joseph





 Gift cards for your favorite grocery store, restaurant, movie theater, clothes store (and so much more!!) are available for purchase here at CHS – and you use them like cash! Every time you shop with gift from us, CHS gets a percentage of the funds back! Please speak with Lesly and Jacque Joseph for more information. That simple effort can offer incredible benefits. Cards in stock include Stop ‘n Shop, Shop Rite, Dunkin Donuts and Subway. Others, like Barnes and Noble, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Dominos Pizza and much more, can be ordered.

For on-line shoppers: if you go to our website ( www.holyspiritwh.org ) and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will notice a link to SCRIP – the company that offers our gift cards. Write down the CHS code, go into the link where you can use the code to get into our shopping site, and browse away! You can purchase printable gift cards and not have to wait for shipment! You can also reload many cards without any wait. Click for the current reload merchant list.

                                           Enter  3B6FFF4821649 at the non-profit line 

                NEWS : Save your used cards - you can now reload over 70 merchant cards on-line

                                   What stores participate?                  There are over 700, but here’s a sampling:



Rite Aid


Quick food

Bruegger’s Bagels


Dunkin’ Donuts




Office supplies

Office Depot

Office Max


Gas stations












Bed Bath & Beyond

The Home Depot

Grocery stores




Sam’s Club



Stop & Shop



Whole Foods




Barnes & Noble





Old Navy

Payless Shoes



Sports Authority



 How might you GIVE THANKS to God through the ministries of this parish?


Opportunities (and great needs) abound for service through your parish. Please consider one of these options and talk with the person listed:

Adult Formation – Rev. Lisa    life-long learners seeking to go deeper in their relationship with God

Altar Guild – Nancy Staneiwicz    lovers of being behind-the-scene and  setting up our worship space

Choir – Matt Harrison (or any member of the Choir)    the joyful noise-makers

Christmas Fair – Suzanne Coleman, Patty Dymarcyk, Kati Guthrie   creative crafters, detailed organizers, festivity lovers

Communications Committee –  Keith Bailey or Katie Guthrie   technologically-savvy purveyors of information

Finance Committee – Gene Leitermann or Rev. Lisa   checkbook balancers, entrepreneurs, money producing motivators

Interfaith dialogue and relationships – Rev. Lisa   seekers of a broader truth

Hospitality – Bonnie Mahmood, Kati Guthrie, Jacquie Mari    lovers of fellowship and fun

Greeters – Rev Lisa   folks with ready smiles and a willingness to make others feel at home

Outreach – Katie Guthrie, Karin Jacobs    carers of justice and mercy for others

Pastoral Caregivers – Rev. Lisa and Evelyn Bezruczyk   empathizers with those who are homebound and needing connection

Property Committee – Keith Bailey    anyone handy with a screwdriver, paintbrush, broom or pruning sheers

Sunday School – Mark Homburg    those who enjoy a child’s delight                             

Ushers, readers, chalice bearers, acolytes – Rev. Lisa     worshippers seeking a deeper place within worship