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This week at Church of the Holy Spirit




“We are in transition – from an active Congregation led by their priest and supported by effective Lay Leaders, to an active Congregation led by effective Lay Leaders and supported by their priest.” Andy Doyle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Thought for the Day
WHY are we in Transition?


Our world is changing rapidly around us. Demographic, economic, and cultural shifts are profoundly affecting our nation, our state, and our neighborhoods. The Church is not insulated from these changes as we see all around us the rapid rise of those not affiliated with any church, along with an increase in people of other faiths in our communities. Through all these changes we Christians are called and empowered to live the Good News of Jesus in the realities of a new missional age.


ECCT (The Episcopal Church in Connecticut AKA The Diocese) is in the midst of its discovery of what it means to be a parish in a new missional age. One of Bishop Ian’s recent articles noted “if the church is to have a future in the post-Christendom world it needs to move: from the center to the margin, from majority to minority status, from being settlers to sojourners, from privilege to plurality, from an emphasis on control to witness, from maintenance to mission, and from being an institution to that of a movement.”                           From: “Called to be Disciples and Apostles...”

 We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement      Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Vestry Meeting This Tues. 7pm

Your parish Vestry includes some very awesome and faithful disciples of Christ. Please know that you can speak with any one of them and hear about next steps in our journey together, as those next steps unfold.


Parish Clean-Up Day – Sat. April 28

What do you feel when walking through our newly repaired and cleaned-up Cloister Hall? Delighted? Cheered? Welcomed into light and life? Can you feel the effect of “self-care” of our surroundings on your own sense of well-being? So, why not come help return that life and vitality to our church yard after the winter weariness? Tasks for all levels of ability will be available. Spending time with each other, and being present to strangers walking by, will be priceless.

Take Part in Helping Spring get Sprung!


CHS Spring Fair and Plant Sale

Sat. May 5         9am – 2pm

Fundraiser AND invitation to show hospitality to our community

Flowers and Vegetable plants

            Vendors and Raffle Gift Baskets

                        Bake Table and Used Books

Pancake Breakfast served                    9-11:30am

                              Lunch served         11:30 am – 1pm

Help us spread the word and find one (or more) activity below in which YOU can take part:

  • Place a yard sign in your front yard (speak with Ann Bartiss)
  • Bake goodies for the Bake Table (speak with Evelyn Bezruczyk)
  • Create a gift basket for Raffle Table (think gardening, graduation, Mother’s Day)
  • Help with meal service (speak with Kati Guthrie) and/or just milling around and providing hospitality to our guests
  • Offer a hand in setting up or cleaning up – those are the hands hardest to find and thus MOST valued! (speak with Ann Bartiss)
  • Play in our gardens as we continue to move into Spring Beauty and allow outdoor movement to attract passers-by) speak with Nancy Staniewiz)

New Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Support Group Forms

Meets at CHS on Tuesdays 6pm beginning this week


Crafter’s Ministry THIS Tuesday 6:30pm (1st floor backroom)

Come and go as you please - Craft or sit and chat as you please

This ministry also meets every Friday morning 10am – noon.


Wednesday Evening Gathering THIS week 6:00 – 7:15pm

1st floor backroom – walk-ins welcome!

We will continue our theological imagination through The Shack and/or through our experiences of hearing the Voice of the Shepherd. Who is Jesus for you? How might we help one another recognize his voice?


Faith Communities Seeking to Honor our Vets

Thursday May 10 – at CHS    Mark Your Calendars

As we work to move into our neighborhoods and join in what God is doing, the West Haven Clergy Association is “trying on” a partnership with the Errera Community Center – a wonderful resource of the West Haven VA Hospital. In a series of educational forums, we are seeking to equip our faith communities with tools to embrace the special emotional and spiritual needs of our vets as well as raise awareness of the amazing programs offered at the center. CHS has offered our space for the first program – Understanding the realities of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Stay tuned for details.


South Central Region Hiking Eucharist

May 28 (Memorial Day)         9am Guilford Land Trust Westwoods

You are invited to join other hiking enthusiasts for a hiking Eucharist in scenic Westwoods, gathering at the Sam Hill Rd entrance. Please email our Region Missionary (Rachel Field) at rfield@episcopalct.org to reserve your place. This hike is limited to 20 participants.


Women’s Retreat October 19-21!         Cost: $190

Laughter, creative fun, good food cooked by someone else, and relationship-building with other incredibly wonderful women has been discovered to be worth more than gold. The sign-up sheet is on the Cloister Hall Table.


Prayers for parishioners


Jackie Lewis, Kati Guthrie, Georgia Buckholz, Stephany Avren, Nellie Greenfield,            Richard Orland, Jacquie Mari, Janice, Oliver Bailey, Sarah Guterman, Jane, Isolyn Ying,    Barbara Curry, Jimmy Ballard, Michael San Souci, Diane Kosarko, Rich, Erin Kampa,                Bev Draper, Joe Buonocore


Prayers for family and friends 


(in alphabetic order)


Aldon-Friend of the Parish; Allen-Friend of Vivienne McKay; Alexandra (Missy) Mitchell-Daughter of Pat Dymarcik; Bert & Kathy Bacon-Grandparents of Alex & Libby Bacon; Betty & Gordon Giles-Relatives of Marina Matts; Buffy Rivera-Former Parishioner; Cesare Tamburrino-Former Parishioner; Christopher-Son of Richard Orland; Collette & Tom-Friends of Vivienne McKay; Cori McLaughlin-Sister-in-law of Sally Guthrie; D’Angelo Family-Friends of Vicki Rothenhausen; Danny-Brother of David Welch; Diane-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Gary Staniewicz-Husband of Nancy Staniewicz; Irwin Tulchin-Father of Bonnie Mahmood; Joan-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Joe Weber-Husband of Gloria Weber; Kathrine-Friend of Diane Rowley; Kirsten & Fred-Friends of Lois Dunphy; Marjorie-Friend of Diane Rowley; Mary-Friend of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Mary-Friend of Vicki Rothenhausen; Matt-Nephew of Evelyn Bezruczyk; Patty-Friend of Ralph Lawson; Robert & Shirley-Parents of Bob Meagher; Ron Waite-Friend of Kati Guthrie; Sharon-Friend of the Mahmoods; Sister Linda-Friend of Bev Draper; Skip Nugent-Brother-in-law of Diana Rose; Stacy-Sister of Vicki Rothenhausen; Tyler Donaldson-Grandson of Marina Matts; Walter Gregory-Husband of Kathryn Gregory


Special Prayers for Those that Can’t Worship With Us


Stephany Avren, Grace Boulanger, Georgia Buckholz, Joe Buonocore, Carol Cillo, Helen Danehy, Susan Dupee, Nellie Greenfield, Bob & Lillian Maltese, Bertha Miller, Toots Palermo,                      Cora & Kent Peckham, Dolly Reiss, Joan Sallies, Dottie & Harold Sellner, Viola Shwab,           Alexander Stamatien Sr., Gloria Weber





Jean Randall-Mullins-4/23





 Gift cards for your favorite grocery store, restaurant, movie theater, clothes store (and so much more!!) are available for purchase here at CHS – and you use them like cash! Every time you shop with gift from us, CHS gets a percentage of the funds back! Please speak with Lesly and Jacque Joseph for more information. That simple effort can offer incredible benefits. Cards in stock include Stop ‘n Shop, Shop Rite, Dunkin Donuts and Subway. Others, like Barnes and Noble, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Dominos Pizza and much more, can be ordered.

For on-line shoppers: if you go to our website ( www.holyspiritwh.org ) and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will notice a link to SCRIP – the company that offers our gift cards. Write down the CHS code, go into the link where you can use the code to get into our shopping site, and browse away! You can purchase printable gift cards and not have to wait for shipment! You can also reload many cards without any wait. Click for the current reload merchant list.

                                           Enter  3B6FFF4821649 at the non-profit line 

                NEWS : Save your used cards - you can now reload over 70 merchant cards on-line

                                   What stores participate?                  There are over 700, but here’s a sampling:



Rite Aid


Quick food

Bruegger’s Bagels


Dunkin’ Donuts




Office supplies

Office Depot

Office Max


Gas stations












Bed Bath & Beyond

The Home Depot

Grocery stores




Sam’s Club



Stop & Shop



Whole Foods




Barnes & Noble





Old Navy

Payless Shoes



Sports Authority



 How might you GIVE THANKS to God through the ministries of this parish?


Opportunities (and great needs) abound for service through your parish. Please consider one of these options and talk with the person listed:

Adult Formation – Rev. Lisa    life-long learners seeking to go deeper in their relationship with God

Altar Guild – Nancy Staneiwicz    lovers of being behind-the-scene and  setting up our worship space

Choir – Matt Harrison (or any member of the Choir)    the joyful noise-makers

Christmas Fair – Suzanne Coleman, Patty Dymarcyk, Kati Guthrie   creative crafters, detailed organizers, festivity lovers

Communications Committee –  Keith Bailey or Katie Guthrie   technologically-savvy purveyors of information

Finance Committee – Gene Leitermann or Rev. Lisa   checkbook balancers, entrepreneurs, money producing motivators

Interfaith dialogue and relationships – Rev. Lisa   seekers of a broader truth

Hospitality – Bonnie Mahmood, Kati Guthrie, Jacquie Mari    lovers of fellowship and fun

Greeters – Rev Lisa   folks with ready smiles and a willingness to make others feel at home

Outreach – Katie Guthrie, Karin Jacobs    carers of justice and mercy for others

Pastoral Caregivers – Rev. Lisa and Evelyn Bezruczyk   empathizers with those who are homebound and needing connection

Property Committee – Keith Bailey    anyone handy with a screwdriver, paintbrush, broom or pruning sheers

Sunday School – Mark Homburg    those who enjoy a child’s delight                             

Ushers, readers, chalice bearers, acolytes – Rev. Lisa     worshippers seeking a deeper place within worship