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Church of the Holy Spirit
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2018/2019 Stewardship Letter

11/17/2018 – 12/31/2018

Church of the Holy Spirit
28 Church St 
West Haven, CT 06516
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STEWARDSHIP – A steward is one who takes care of an owner’s property while the owner is away.  So Christian stewardship is taking care of God’s creation and things that God has given to us.  In practical terms, stewardship is a process in which a congregation looks after all that is entrusted to it, including its physical plant, human resources and the talents and gifts of its members. – A Dictionary for Episcopalians.

November, 2018

Dear Friends:

As Episcopalians we all worship using the same prayers, canticles and hymns.   We greet each other as friends and family.  We reach out into the community as God’s hands here on earth.  As members of the Church of the Holy Spirit, we bring our own flavor to what is “Episcopal”.  Each of us feels that unique bond of sharing what we, as a parish, have created here at Church of the Holy Spirit.  While the past few months, and probably the next few months have and will be challenging; there is a strength that has been shown – people stepping into unfamiliar roles, taking on new challenges and working together to hold the big picture together.  Indeed, we have maintained all of our Outreach projects and have one planned for Advent; the property has been maintained and enhanced; visits by lay ministers have continued, and there has been a worship service each Sunday with interesting and thought provoking reflections by parish members on how and why they worship here at Church of the Holy Spirit.

As this year draws to an end, the Vestry is working with the people of Church of the Good Shepherd to ascertain if we can create a partnership where we share a priest.  Good Shepherd is in a similar financial situation and is also working together to offer their parish a combination of Eucharistic and Morning Prayer services.  This agreement is not a merger but will provide each parish with a part time priest to provide the Eucharistic feast and pastoral care.  The Vestry will keep the parish informed as we walk this path.

We are members of an old parish.  Numerous times in the past, the members of the parish have worked through situations that were trying and scary.  But they did so – affirming that being an Episcopalian, being part of this parish was important to them.  We too can show such fortitude and grace.  There is still work to do; a property to maintain, staff to pay, people that need our help in this community and beyond.

Enclosed you will find a pledge card for 2019.  The Vestry asks that each member of the parish reflect on what being part of the Church of the Holy Spirit means in their life and submit a pledge.  If you have any questions, please talk to an Officer or Vestry member.  Thank you.



The Officers and Vestry of the Church of the Holy Spirit