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Church of the Holy Spirit
Episcopal Church

2018 Parish Survey

SURVEY FOR PARISH 2018  ( Hit control P to print survey)



Soon, members of the Vestry will be meeting with their peers from Church of the Good Shepard in Orange to ascertain if the two parishes can come to agreement regarding sharing a priest.  This survey is designed to ask your opinion on what you feel about the possibility.  Please return to the church by December 9th.

What about attending church is the most important to you?  Please rank 1 (most important) to 5 (least Important

____Sharing Fellowship ____Holy Eucharist   ____Sacred Music ____Outreach Projects

 ____Other (Please list)


What is the importance of pastoral care in your life?

___Extremely ___Very important ___Quite important ___Not Very Important

What activities have you volunteered for/participated in/or contributed to? (check all that apply)

___Fairs/Tag Sales ___Crafting/Knitting  ___Lawn Maintenance/Gardening ____Choir ____Vestry

___Food Prep/Baking ____Columbus House ____WHEAT ____Workdays ____Strawberry Shortcake

____Bike & Build ____Abraham’s Tent ____Women’s Retreat­­­____Altar Guild ___Reader

____Chalice Bearer____Acolyote____Other (Please list)

One of the major discussions with Church of the Good Shepard is how we utilize a priest on Sundays.  This may be an area where both parishes need to show flexibility.  If we are to have only one service on Sunday, please rank the time you would prefer (1 – best time to 8 – worst time)

___ 8:00 ___8:30___9:00___9:30___10:00___10:30___11:00___11:30

Would you prefer a priest celebrate one Holy Eucharist weekly or that altenate having the priest at Holy Spirit and  have two Eucharist services one week and two Morning Prayer services the next?

_____Weekly Holy Eucharist       _____Switch between Holy Eucharist and Morning Prayer


Do you feel that the Parish Leadership has been communicating well during this transition period?

___Yes ___No   Please elaborate on your thoughts if possible


Have you enjoyed the parishioner led Morning Prayer Services?

___Yes ___No  Please elaborate on your thoughts if possible